Practicing a “Whole Body” approach to medicine & your health

A licensed chiropractic physician, as well as a certified acupuncturist and hypnotherapist, Dr. Shari Roguski, D.C., F.I.A.M.A., Ch.T. truly separates herself from the norms in chiropractic care by practicing a “whole body” approach to healing.  She is well versed and certified in alternative forms of treatment such as:

A caring and committed doctor, Dr. Shari takes the time necessary to listen and understand her patients’ needs. In order to best provide healing for her patients, Dr. Shari devotes herself to constantly updating and improving upon her licensed skills. She has participated in the following post doctorate studies:

Moreover, Dr. Shari finds it essential to share her knowledge with other colleagues, students, and interns.  She occasionally serves as a panel guest at seminars and also teaches classes in her chosen fields.  Dr. Shari also maintains a network association with other doctors, specifically orthopedic specialists, to ensure proper courses of treatment.

When you call Dr. Shari, you can be assured that she will discuss your needs in detail before together deciding upon the best course of treatment for you.